Gokhan Saki Threatening to Sue Over GLORY 11 Loss

Nothing sullies a great fight card than a fighter who cannot accept defeat, which is exactly what is happening now with GLORY fighter Gokhan Saki. If you’ll think back, Saki fought Rico Verhoeven in the opening round of the Heavyweight tournament when he was knocked down and the ref called it a down. It was controversial, but honestly, it wouldn’t have changed the direction of the fight no matter what.

But in Gokhan Saki’s mind he was robbed. He took to Twitter and Facebook immediately after the fight to complain, only for it to die down a bit as he started to relax and deal with reality. Now it comes out that Saki has been looking into taking legal action against the promotion. I’m not sure what he hopes to accomplish here, but it’s really a silly move and only makes him look worse here. The Illinois Athletic Commission were the ones overseeing the bout, which means he’d have to file a grievance with them within 20 days, which that time limit has expired by now anyway.

Sources talk about this helping to build a rift between Mike’s Gym and GLORY even further now, as Mike’s Gym is home to a few top fighters but have been having disagreements with GLORY officials of late due to fighters not signed with the organization and now Saki.