Glover Teixeira is hungry for the Jon Jones feast

What is this, a Jon Jones newsday? Yep. UFC 165 is coming, and we have to admit that Jones is the best in the sport right now, (sorry GSP and ANderson) so I suppose he does deserve this coverage. With Glover Teixeira’s brutal knockout of Ryan Bader a few weeks ago, he steps firmly into the number one contender spot in my eyes, and he wants Jones, badly.

“Jon Jones is at the top for a long time, can’t say enough about him,” he said. “But I have to take this belt from him. Every phenom goes down one day.”

“My style may look like Rampage’s, but you can be sure that I’m hungrier than Rampage to win,” he said. “This is my moment. I’m very happy for this opportunity and I will get this belt.”