GLORY’s SuperFight Series Explained in Interview with GLORY CEO Andrew Whitaker

It’s always a strange one linking to your own work and trying to remain objective about it, so I’m not going to pretend that I’m not linking to my own work, because I am. Yesterday afternoon I spoke with GLORY Sports International CEO Andrew Whitaker for, discussing some of the future plans and challenges ahead for GLORY as they come up on their next run of big shows as well as their debut on Spike TV.

The big focus was on GLORY’s upcoming GLORY SuperFight Series, which will be programming that is dedicated to helping fighters move up the rankings to earn their way into these tournaments and to prove themselves. It sounds like an interesting concept that we can’t wait to see play out.

The GLORY SuperFight Series is a big part of the focus for GLORY coming up, as GLORY is looking at it beyond just airing fights, but instead to create a viable platform for fighters to move up the rankings and work towards securing a spot within the next tournament. “It’s built into the rankings system that we’ve established, in the sense that we have the, for example, four-man Middleweight tournament, those are the top four Middleweights in the GLORY rankings. The other top athletes at Middleweight that are in the SuperFight series are all looking to move up the rankings and earn themselves a spot in the next Middleweight tournament. That is the raison d’etre really for the GLORY SuperFight series, it gives all of the athletes in GLORY in a weight category the chance to move up the rankings so that they can get into the tournament.”