GLORY Heavyweight Gokhan Saki Featured in Turkish Nike Ad Campaign

Well, when it comes to combat sports fans always talk about wanting that mainstream recognition for fighters and very rarely do we see it happen. In the US we’ve seen Jon Jones get a Nike deal, but outside of him it has been rather sparse. In other countries, though, they tend to respect combat sports athletes as legitimate top guys. Anderson Silva has big deals in Brazil with Burger King and Nike, for example. Cool, right?

With Kickboxing it has been spotty, to say the least. Badr Hari somehow got a deal with Kia Motors that lasted a good deal of years, but most Kickboxers are relegated to smaller deals. Well, it looks like Turkey’s Gokhan Saki has scooped himself up a pretty big deal as he has been featured in a Nike ad campaign that is currently airing in Turkey. Gokhan Saki is a top Heavyweight Kickboxer signed to GLORY who is set to enter into GLORY 11 Chicago’s Heavyweight tournament in October.