GLORY to Establish Champions This Year

GLORY has quickly taken the Kickboxing world by storm and has been promoting events on Spike TV here in the US. That is the biggest outlet that Kickboxing has seen in the United States since the MMA boom started up, finally giving elite level Kickboxing a chance to shine. The only confusing part about GLORY has been with who is the actual champion of each weight class. There are tournament champions but they aren’t defending those titles, they just enter tournaments.

Now it looks like GLORY will establish Championships and have them defended in five round fights. [source]

“Now, World Championship Titles will be contested either in one-off fights, which will be five rounds in duration, or will be on the line in the World Championship Tournaments. Whoever wins a World Title Fight or a World Championship Tournament is the champion in his weight class.”

Champions will put their belt on the line every time they fight.

Being champion will provide automatic entry into their weight-class’ World Championship Tournaments, which carry the largest prize money in kickboxing. But it also means that if the champion loses at any stage of the tournament, he will also have lost his title.