GLORY 17 Ristie vs. Hollenbeck Preview Video

Andy Ristie vs. Ky Hollenbeck was supposed to happen, which means that Davit Kiria vs. Andy Ristie shouldn’t of happened and things would be drastically different right now in GLORY’s Lightweight division. That being said, at GLORY 17 the fight that we all wanted to see will be going down. That means that Dutch fighter Andy Ristie will fight American Ky Hollenbeck at GLORY 17 and we are all excited about it.

GLORY has put a preview of the fight online, complete with talking heads segments from my buds Fraser and John, this only makes me regret not getting to the arena on time for GLORY 16 where you could see me be a goddamned goofball on video. Oh well, enjoy the GLORY 17 preview video without my handsome facade and me probably making weird jokes.