GLORY 16 Denver Fight Card Released

GLORY released the fight card for GLORY 16 Denver today and there are definitely a few surprises on this. Ben Edwards vs. Errol Zimmerman was slated for another show, but got pushed on the GLORY 16 Heavyweight Contender tournament instead, which is awesome. On top of that, former UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry will make his GLORY debut at GLORY 16 Denver in a Reserve bout against Zack Mwekassa.

The card is topped off by a Welterweight Championship bout between Nieky Holzken and Marc de Bonte.

Tournament Final Bout C: Semifinal Bout A Winner vs. Semifinal Bout B Winner
Welterweight World Title Bout: Nieky Holzken vs. Marc de Bonte
Tournament Reserve Bout: Pat Barry vs. Zack Mwekassa
Tournament Semifinal Bout B: Anderson Silva vs. Sergey Kharitonov
Tournament Semifinal Bout A: Ben Edwards vs. Errol Zimmerman