GLORY 14 Ratings Show Steady Numbers

This weekend’s GLORY 14 was an exciting event, for sure, but there was a lot on the line with GLORY once again returning to American cable. GLORY have seen steady gains in viewers since debuting with GLORY 11 back in October, with each event gaining viewers. This latest event, GLORY 14 has set the bar even higher with a gain of about 200,000 viewers, with an average number of 851,000 viewers on Spike TV.

This comes hot off of the heels of GLORY 13 Tokyo which had 657,000 viewers back in December. This is a huge gain for GLORY and will give them an even better foothold into Spike TV here in America. If GLORY 14 gained almost 200,000 viewers after a three month layoff, imagine when they return for GLORY 15 next month.

UPDATE: Spike has released the numbers and they are not as good as the initial estimates, coming in at 495,000 viewers, not 851,000. Seems like a strange number to get so wrong, doesn’t it?