GLORY 13 and Tokyo Super Fight Series Results

GLORY 13 will air tonight on Spike TV at 9pm Eastern time, but if you are one of those folks that just can’t wait, GLORY 13 technically went down last night while you were sleeping in Tokyo. There was also the GLORY SuperFight Series event beforehand, which we’ll give the results to first, the rest should be considered spoilers and don’t read unless you really, really want to know.

SuperFight Series Tokyo:
Sergei Kharitonov (R3 – UD) Jerome LeBanner
Hesdy Gerges (R3 – UD) Ewerton Teixeira
Anderson Silva (R3 – UD) Remy Bonjasky
Aleksandr Stetcurenko (R3 – UD) Karim Ghajji
Artur Kyshenko (R3 – UD) Masayuki Kenmun
Mosab Amrani R3 – UD) Yuta Kubo


Nieky Holzken (R3 – UD) Karapet Karapetyan
Valtellini Joseph (R3 – KO) Raymond Daniels
Makoto Uehara R3 – SD) Dustin Jacoby via split decision
Daniel Ghita (R1 – KO) Errol Zimmerman
Nieky Holzken (R3 – KO) Joseph Valtellini
Rico Verhoeven (R3 – SD) Peter Aerts