GLORY 13 Pulls Down Solid Numbers on Tape Delay

As someone who is actively invested in the sport of Kickboxing succeeding here in the United States the day when the numbers come out is always kind of stressful. GLORY has seen a steady increase in ratings for each event, but how would GLORY 13 fare with the event airing on tape delay and the results readily-available on the internet? The answer was something I was afraid of, but what happened was actually a pleasant surprise.

GLORY 13 did surprisingly well, actually. [source]

Yet, those fears seem to be unfounded as GLORY 13 was able to pull in what I’d consider a tremendous number at 659,000 viewers on average. Take into account UFC’s ratings on Fox Sports 1 fall within this range and that the UFC is a well-established brand and this is even more amazing to consider. Also consider that it is in the range of Bellator events on Spike TV as well. The final factor to consider is that it was on tape delay which will of course deter some viewers, yet, there was still an increase of 38% from the previous event.

When talking television there is also talk of peak numbers, the numbers when there are the most viewers for the given program. The last few events have seen a lone peak early on, which we consider a bleedover effect from the previous program, COPS, which always tends to pull in a million and a half or so. So the first peak was at 9:11 at 905,000 which is expected. The thing is, there was a second peak that came at 10:42pm, near the tail end of the event, and that was 873,000, which is nothing short of tremendous.