GLORY 12 Ratings Show 25% Improvement Over GLORY 11

I’m still in a bit of a GLORY 12 hangover, to be completely honest. As one of the few people in the United States who have taken up the mantle of “Kickboxing Expert” in the past few years it means when Kickboxing happens on American soil a few times in a row with actual money thrown into it people want to be able to cover it and end up turning to me for a lot of weird stuff. I don’t mind, really, but it can be a bit exhausting.

Anyway, part of the concern about Kickboxing airing on a cable network like Spike TV is the ratings and if they’ll perform well enough for Spike TV to still want to sink money into it. Well, the ratings are in and the good news is that GLORY 12 saw about a 25% increase in the average number compared to GLORY 11, with a bit lower of a peak number, but that seems like more of a lean-in from COPS than anything else.

So what are the numbers? GLORY 12 had an average number of 476,000 viewers with a quarter hour peak at 665,000. Not bad, GLORY, not bad at all.