GLORY 11 Pulls in 381,000 Viewers for First Event on Spike TV

So after a lot of waiting, GLORY 11’s ratings came in and while a lot of MMA fans will be quick to point out that they weren’t on the level of the UFC or even Bellator, I think that for a first step onto a national cable audience it was about as good as could be expected. GLORY 11 was the first time in many, many years that Kickboxing has been given a fair shake at a bigger audience and they chose to do so without any names that are recognizable to the average combat sports fan.

So anyone expecting a million or more viewers might have been reaching. The sport of Kickboxing is an amazing spectator sport and all of the fighters on GLORY 11 were well known to hardcore fans for being the best in the world, but those facts have to be discovered by a new audience. That audience will discover it with time and it will grow, as long as Spike remains the platform and keeps promoting it. GLORY 11 pulled an average of 381,000 viewers with a lead-in from Cops that led to 781,000 for the first quarter hour.