Gilbert Melendez Plans to Bring in Shields and the Diaz Brothers for TUF 20

As a part of his new, huge UFC contract Gilbert Melendez will be coaching in The Ultimate Fighter 20, which means that he has to bring in some assistant coaches. This means that The Ultimate Fighter is going to get a little bit of a taste of the 209 this summer, as he plans to not only bring in Jake Shields, but Nick and Nate Diaz as well. This should make the show quite the entertaining one, as the Diaz brothers always bring it.

Look for the Scrap Pack to represent in TUF 20. I mean, we might actually want to watch this season! Crazy, right? [source]

“As for my staff, for sure I’ve got to go with my big brother Jake Shields since he brings so much experience to the table,” he said in the above video from our partners at Shoot Media. “He’s been here for so long, and no one outworks that guy.”

Melendez is also bringing his standup coach, muay Thai trainer Jongsanan Woodenman, and two other notables: Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz.

“You better believe I called Nick and Nate Diaz already and asked them to make some time to come out and make an appearance and spend some time out there in Vegas,” he said.