Get to know Marina Shafir (Ronda Rousey’s roommate) through her vlogs!

She’s cool, she’s sexy, she’s the next Ronda Rousey… And she just so happens to be Ronda’s BFF and roommate. Yes, I just used BFF (best friend forever) in an MMA article, and I feel slightly emasculated, but what can you do? If you don’t know about Marina, this is the second vlog she’s released detailing her journey through MMA amateur fights and hanging with Ronda.

I’ve personally hung out with Marina, and I can say that she’s the real deal as far as badassness. She fights at 145, has sick judo and has been working her stand up far more extensively than Ronda did during that stage of her career. Watch. Get to know the next big thing before she is the next big thing.