Georges St. Pierre Was ‘Uncomfortable’ With Nick Diaz’s Head Games

If only Georges St. Pierre would give an audio clip of him saying, “I was not comfortable with his head games,” it would be the new “I was not impressed with your performance.” But alas, we must push forward even without the funny audio clip.

Georges St. Pierre has spoken about some of the head game that Nick Diaz and his camp played in the build up to this last weekend’s UFC 158, including the crazy hand wrap incident that went down during the event and some believed would put the fight in jeopardy, and GSP was not a fan. With all of the “head games” detailed, such as Diaz calling GSP pampered, accusing him of taking steroids and a few other things it comes off like it might not be the most crazy of head games in a world where Chael Sonnen has brought the game to a new level.

According to GSP it was tough and he wanted it just to be over with. Apparently, no one had played head games like that with him before.