Georges St-Pierre Vacates UFC Welterweight Championship

Man, that really was some mall opening! Georges St-Pierre had something to say today and Dana White did some work earlier this week in trying to calm everyone down, but the feeling was still that Georges St-Pierre was going to retire today, which is kind of what happened. I say kind of because he still doesn’t quite seem ready to pull the trigger on retirement just yet, but he is ready to take time away from the UFC and vacate the championship.

That is exactly what has happened, as Georges St-Pierre has vacated the UFC Welterweight Championship to take time away from the UFC. It is unclear when he’ll be back, if ever, but for now he needs time to live his life and sort through it all. In the wake of this, Dana White has announced that on March 15th Johny Hendricks will square off with Robbie Lawler for the UFC Welterweight Championship in what should be an absolutely amazing fight.

So there you have it, GSP is quasi-retired and at UFC 171 we’ll have a new champion, whoa!