Georges St-Pierre Has Been Training to Be a Better Finisher

Georges St-Pierre is without a doubt one of the best Mixed Martial Artists in history. Not even his haters would deny that fact, I think. Georges St-Pierre has accomplished a lot over the span of his career and even had a bit of a comeback story tossed in there after his loss to Matt Serra, which helped him to learn and grow as a fighter. If there was one thing that most fans hold against him, though it would have to be that Georges St-Pierre isn’t much of a finisher.

GSP tends to drag fights into the deep waters and end up with a decision victory. While it might be a flawless win for GSP, for fans it can be a bit arduous to have to sit through another five round affair of Georges St-Pierre not going for the finish. It looks like Georges St-Pierre understands that, though, and is working on it. [link]

“I trained myself a little bit differently for this fight,” St-Pierre explained. “To be better as a finisher. Of course if I have a chance to go for the finish in the first round, I’m going to go for it. I don’t think about time. I’m thinking about opportunity and what’s going to happen.

“The more pressure I have on me, the best I perform, as usual. That’s how I work.”