Georges St. Pierre Talks Alien Conspiracies and Vale Tudo on JRE

If you’ve never listened to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast before or you only know Joe Rogan from his commentary work you probably don’t know that Rogan is really big into some weird, weird stuff sometimes. Stuff like conspiracy theories, alien abductions and of course a lot of illicit substances. So imagine what happens when the rather straight-laced UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre joins the show and begins to let loose and discuss alien abductions, lost time, spirit journeys and all other sorts of crazy stuff — because it happened.

It’s a bit of a long show, but if you have the time we absolutely recommend that you give it a listen/watch as Rogan and GSP go off into left field and never really bring it back home as they veer off into discussion about GSP’s affection for the old days of MMA before there was so much in the way of regulation and rules and how he’d love to skirt around an athletic commission and someday fight under such a lack of rules. [h/t]