Georges St-Pierre and Royce Gracie Train at UFC 167 Media Workouts

Media workouts for the event took place today and UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre attended his workout session with the winner of the first UFC, Royce Gracie. Both St-Pierre and Gracie donned jiu-jitsu gis and had a nice training session together, with Royce coaching Georges through various situations, very fitting for the companies’ anniversary.

The UFC celebrated it’s 20th birthday yesterday on November 12th, 2013 and have anointed it’s UFC 167 card, headlined by a Welterweight title bout between Georges St-Pierre and contender Johny Hendricks as it’s 20th anniversary card.

Some are saying this shows signs that GSP has been working on his jiu-jitsu more than ever, as he may end up on his back when he takes on Hendricks who is a two time NCAA Division I national champion. However, in an interview directly afterwards, St-Pierre confirmed the UFC set it up for himself and Royce to take part in that training session.