Georges St. Pierre Fought Nick Diaz on an Injured Achilles Tendon

It is pretty common now in the fight world for fighters to run through a list of their injuries which might have inhibited them during training or during the fight itself. Even the legendary Georges St. Pierre falls prey to this fighter trope and we usually find out about some horrific injury that has been plaguing the UFC Welterweight Champion.

GSP is, of course, coming back from an injured knee, so it turns out that going into the fight with Nick Diaz he was nursing an injured achilles tendon. Yes, it was apparently on the same right leg that saw the ACL injury and surgery that put him on the shelf for a while. According to Firas Zahabi, he believes that the injury was compounded upon during the fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 158 and hopes that GSP takes at least six months off.

This is kind of a bummer for Johny Hendricks who is next in line for a shot at the UFC Welterweight Champion.