Gegard Mousasi Calls out Vitor Belfort for UFC 168!

I can’t lie, I’m a fan of Gegard Mousasi and even though Vitor has transformed into a TRT gorilla, I am still a fan of his as well. The thought of those two finally mixing things up in the ring is really, well, drool-worthy. It is a fight that I would drop everything to see, especially if it were to happen at UFC 168, which is already looking to be a pretty stacked card as well.

Check out this interview where Mousasi calls Belfort out.

“The reality is this – Silva vs Weidman II is going to have to happen first on December 28th,” said Mousasi. “Vitor has to wait for a title shot no matter what. I know the UFC wants to see this fight happen as they offered it to me for UFC Belo Horizonte in September. I could not take the fight because I just had surgery. So, it is inevitable that Vitor and I are going to have to meet first to determine who the #1 contender is. So my opinion is that we should also fight on December 28th on the same card as Anderson v. Weidman II to determine the #1 contender spot for the UFC middleweigh title.

“It is as simple as this. Vitor and I were supposed to fight in the past for both Affliction and now the UFC. Vitor knows that it is inevitable that we are going to have to meet in the Octagon.”