The Future Looks Bleak for Bellator’s Fight Master

I can imagine it now, there are some readers who have tears welling up in their eyes in disbelief at the idea of Bellator’s Fight Master disappearing from their cable line-up. Where else will fans get reality MMA television? Will The Ultimate Fighter continue on without rival now? Apparently Fight Master was not meant for this world, just born into a terrible era that wasn’t ready for it.

According to Bjorn Rebney, Bellator’s Fight Master might not see a second season, as he claims that the market for reality fight TV is simply not there right now. [link]

“We’ve had a few different discussions about what would happen,” Rebney said. “If it’s going to come back, what it looks like if it comes back, what changes would be made, what wouldn’t be made.”

“Reality fight TV is having its difficulties right now,” said Rebney. “You can see it in the UFC’s ratings, they’re having the lowest-rated TUF they’ve had in the history of the show. Reality TV on the fight front is not an easy nut to crack to draw huge viewership right now. But we’re getting good numbers on the live events. So we’ll see. I don’t know.”