Frank Shamrock would come back to MMA only to ‘kick the **** out of Dana White’

Frank Shamrock has entered a new era of his career. No, not post-braces, but it’s the post-Strikeforce, post-Bellator coaching gig, and now he needs to figure out what to do next. To some in this sport, that means taking a fight, finding something to promote, or going back to teaching. Frank is probably teaching somewhere, and he always seems to have something going on in the media departments, but he would also return to MMA… Well, kinda.

Shamrock’s caveat is a simple one, he would only come back to beat up Dana White. Check it:
JW: “You’ve done so much in your career. You’re retired from fighting. But obviously I can tell just from talking to you now, even, that you have lots to contribute to the sport and industry. Is there anything you still want to do in any aspect of combat sports or mixed martial arts in the future?”

FS: “Nope. I’ve done everything I ever wanted to do and the only reason I would come back to mixed martial arts would be to kick the shit out of Dana. I have no interest in it. It was part of my journey. It was wonderful, it built my future for me, but it’s part of my past. That’s the way it is.”
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