Frank Mir isn’t even considering retirement

Frank Mir, former champion and someone who only sometimes makes sense. It must be tough being a high-level athlete. You can admit you lost, but you can’t really admit you lost? Take the below quote from Mir and ESPN. Those losses aren’t killing your ego, but they do seem to be eating you up inside, eh Frank?

“I kind of know no matter what it’s not going to be my last fight, I’m still younger than a lot of the guys in the division.

“There are two ways I would consider retirement. One is losing to guys who are not top-level competition. The other is if I started losing where it’s like, ‘OK man, you were knocked out viciously and staring at the rafters.’ I won’t endanger my health.”

“I’m sorry if those three losses aren’t killing my ego,” Mir said. “Let’s see, the losing streak started with Junior dos Santos, the No. 1 heavyweight in the world at the time. Then I lost to Cormier in a pretty boring fight and then to Barnett, which to me was a no-contest because the fight had a very controversial stoppage.”