Frank Mir Gets a TRT Exemption for UFC 169

This weekend at UFC 169 Frank Mir will fight Alistair Overeem and it looks like he’ll have the mighty TRT in his corner when he clashes with the newly-slimmed down Alistair Overeem. This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about Frank Mir and his TRT usage, but it seems clear that Nevada seems comfortable giving Frank Mir a TUE for TRT while they are uncomfortable with guys like Vitor Belfort.

The question now is if Alistair Overeem will be completely clean for this fight. [source]

Frank Mir has been granted a therapeutic-use exemption for testosterone-replacement therapy for his fight with Alistair Overeem this Saturday at UFC 169.

The former heavyweight titleholder also received an exemption for his UFC 164 bout with Barnett, which he lost via controversial first-round knockout this past August. That was the second time that Mir has publicly received a TUE for one of his fights. He was also granted one for his UFC 146 championship contest against dos Santos in Las Vegas.