Frank and Ken Shamrock Starting to Get Along Again

If you’ve been around the MMA game a while now you’ll know about the bad blood between adopted brothers Ken and Frank Shamrock. Hell, for a while there Frank was trying to set up a grudge match between the two which he’d sell on PPV and call it “Blood Brothers.” It was a really cool concept at the time and it would have probably sold pretty well for the time, which was around 2007ish.

Sadly, that PPV and fight never happened, but it seems like the two adopted brothers have been able to get a line of communication going again. According to MMAFighting they were both in one place to work on an undisclosed MMA project which is filming now, which forced them to have a conversation and that old wounds might be starting to heal.

“We sat down and really had a conversation, and I think our relationship is back on track,” Frank Shamrock told

“We’ll see where it goes. There’s a business opportunity that got us sitting down for a couple of hours. It was really nice. It was very positive for both of us.”