Former UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson Wants Rafael dos Anjos Next

We haven’t heard much from Benson Henderson since his sudden tap out loss to Anthony Pettis this August, which only backs up the notion that Benson Henderson is probably a pretty cool guy. He doesn’t like to talk a lot of trash or make a lot of excuses; he lost the UFC Lightweight Championship to Anthony Pettis and is looking to make his way back to the top of the heap. He appeared on the MMAHour today [link] and discussed what is next for him. It looks like the former Champion doesn’t have a fight lined up or anything, but he has his sights set on one.

His choice seems to be Rafael dos Anjos, which is a compelling match up to say the least. A win over RDA would put Benson back into the talk of title contention and the win for Rafael dos Anjos would skyrocket his career. Never mind that stylistically it would be really fun to watch.

“We’re kind of leaning towards Rafael dos Anjos,” he said. “We think it would be a good fight with him, entertaining, a good fight, and I think the match-up works well for us. I don’t know if he has anybody scheduled or not.”