Former Ronda Rousey Teammate Shows How to Defend Her Armbar

When you think about Ronda Rousey, you think about the armbar. It’s just unavoidable at this point, as Ronda Rousey has won all of her fights by armbar now. In a way it tends to overshadow her amazing Judo skills beyond the armbar, but Ronda Rousey’s ability to get women onto the ground and then tug on their arm until it’s broken or they tap out is something to marvel out.

Apparently not everyone is marveling at it, though, as former teammate Travis Stevens was actively hoping that Tate would defeat Rousey at UFC 168 and then when Rousey won, he went ahead and filmed a video detailing how to escape from Ronda Rousey’s armbar. Ouch. There is apparently some bad blood there.