Former Blackzilians Teammate Condemns Alistair Overeem

It was recently announced that Alistair Overeem and the Blackzilians have parted ways, but there hasn’t been much talk as to why. Sure, Alistair Overeem was training in other places and it seemed to make sense to leave, but now, according to a former teammate, Gilbert Burns, it appears that Overeem was pushed out due to a training mishap.

According to Burns, Alistair Overeem was sparring with Guto Inocente, who was injured, and further inured him out of frustration. Wild, right? This kind of sounds like sour grapes if you ask me. [source]

“There’s a story that fighters kept in the gym,” Burns said on Sexto Round podcast. “Guto was recovering from a knee injury, returning to training, and, even with a broken hand, he was beating Overeem up in a striking sparring.

“Overeem got mad because he was getting beat up by a guy with one hand, so he took Guto down and blew out his other knee. That’s why Guto hasn’t fought in a while. We were all upset about it, and that was when (Overeem) left the team. After he left, the team got better and we had better results. Thank God he left the team.”