Footage of Alistair Overeem Sparring Gokhan Saki

Back in 2010 Gokhan Saki and Alistair Overeem met in the K-1 World Grand Prix semi-finals where a battered and bruised Saki went up against a relatively fresh Alistair Overeem. At the time it was a controversial fight, as both men were managed by and trained with team Golden Glory and Gokhan Saki had a broken rib and an injured arm going into the fight. The rumor was that Saki originally looked to drop out of the fight, but Golden Glory wanted that win for the team and pushed him into competing against Alistair Overeem with one arm and a busted rib.

Golden Glory apparently said that they’d make it up to him, which led to their “Glory World Series” tournament on their United Glory shows where Saki was given what many consider easier competition and was fed a tournament victory over the span of the following year. This was the glue that kept Golden Glory and Saki together until Pierre Andurand came around and formed GLORY, although there is more talk about Saki being upset with GLORY because, well, who knows.

Anyway, Alistair Overeem fights Frank Mir this weekend and this is footage of Alistair Overeem and Gokhan Saki training at Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam.