With Fitch and Palhares off, WSOF VP says, ‘No more Mr. Nice Guy’

Ali Abdel-Aziz, Executive VP of World Series of Fighting had quite the welterweight title fight on his hands in Jon Fitch vs. Rousimar Palhares, but now something has happened. Either Fitch won’t fight Paul, or neither will fight each other. Either way, Ali’s pissed and has laid down the law:

“We’re getting screwed,” he said. “I’m trying to put on a fight card and be nice to fighters, and now they dont want to fight each other.

“I have to put WSOF first and everyone else second. No more Mr. Nice Guy.”

“I’m getting sick of this,” he said. “If a fighter is not going to respect the promotion, he is going to be shelved for a long time. I will not release anyone to another promotion. Fighters must honor their contracts.”

Fascinating. The next WSOF will now feature a lightweight title fight on July 5th, seemingly the biggest MMA weekend of the year.