Firas Zahabi Feels TMZ Went Too Far with GSP

I’m not famous and chances are that while I’ll probably be known in certain circles, I’ll never have the amount of fame that a guy like GSP does. That doesn’t make me sad or bitter, it’s just a fact because of my chosen profession of writing stuff. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my share of odd moments interacting with people, as over the past few years working as a professional writer I’ve been insulted, threatened, misquoted, stalked and worth of all, had people that I care about receiving similar treatment. It’s one thing to get pestered for doing what you love, it’s another thing when a family member is getting pestered while trying to live their life. It’s shitty. That is what GSP went through when he was in the process of retiring.

TMZ announced that GSP’s father was dying and that he was dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, which as you can imagine, caused his family a lot of grief. I’m not the biggest GSP fan in the world, but if it was for real and GSP wanted it out there, he’d be talking about it. His coach Firas Zahabi spoke about this and how upset he was at them doing that to his family.

“I can take it and so can Georges, but they went a little too far when they started running after people in his family,” said Zahabi.

“That was crossing the line. They started a rumor that his dad is dying and all these ridiculous crazy things. That was pushing the envelope. They went way too far with it.”

GSP is doing fine, by the way, he’s only training once a day now and enjoying his life. [source]