Firas Zahabi Claims that GSP’s Health is Fine

GSP’s head trainer Firas Zahabi has been commenting on GSP’s mental condition for quite a while now, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as he is probably the man that knows Georges St-Pierre the fighter the best out of anyone. So a few months ago when Firas Zahabi was talking about the possibility of GSP retiring after the fight with Johny Hendricks people took it seriously.

Almost immediately he rescinded that statement, only when pressed further to say that he honestly didn’t know what Georges would do. There seems to be some truth in that statement, as it doesn’t seem like GSP knows what to do with himself. Questions about the champions health have come about that, which has prompted Firas Zahabi to talk about GSP just a little bit more. [link]

“I have no idea,” Zahabi told host Ariel Helwani. “I don’t think Georges knows at all. I think that’s something that we’re going to know shortly. I think over time his mind’s going to settle and he’ll sort out his emotions and figure things out, like people do. But I can’t answer for him. That’s his answer, that’s him to make that call, I have no idea. I’m waiting as well.”

“Georges’ health is fine, yes,” he said.