Final Fight Card for GLORY 10, Plus Online PPV For Saturday

This weekend is GLORY 10 Los Angeles, which will feature four of the best Middleweights in Kickboxing squaring off to be crowned as the GLORY Middleweight Champion. There is a slight change, though, as Joe Schilling is no longer facing Steven Wakeling, as Wakeling had an issue acquiring a visa for the event. Instead, filling in for Wakeling will be Kengo Shimizu. That means that the Reserve bout has shifted to Wayne Barrett vs. Rob Plotkin.

The event will be broadcast on cable via CBS Sports Network late on Sunday night/Monday morning at midnight here in the United States, but if you want to get a taste of some of the best kickboxing action in the world, there will be an online PPV stream available for purchase. Yes, this is also a shameless plug, but why not? This will be the last event before moving to Spike TV.

So here is the full fight card for this weekend.

Robin van Roosmalen vs. Shemsi Beqiri
Davit Kiria vs. Murthel Groenhart
Tournament: Joe Schilling vs. Kengo Shimizu
Tournament: Artem Levin vs. Jason Wilnis
Reserve Bout: Wayne Barrett vs. Rob Plotkin
Aleksandr Stetcurenko vs. Karapet Karapetyan
Brice Guidon vs. Jahfarr Wilnis
Andy Ristie vs. Niclas Larsen
Brian Collette vs. Randy Blake
Albert Kraus vs. Ky Hollenbeck
Johann Fauveau vs. Hinata Watanabe
Xavier Vigney vs. Hyunman Myung
Afam Egbochuku vs. Casey Greene
Jermaine Soto vs. Melisk Baghdasaryan
Ron Cruz vs. Francisco Garcia
Daniel Valdez vs. Brian Del Rosario
Charles Bisset vs. Matt Baker