Fighters Allege that Manager Brett Atchley is Up to No Good

Over the weekend Invicta FC’s head Shannon Knapp put a message up on her Facebook saying that there have been people making claims about Invicta and trying to blackmail fighters into signing with their management to get fights and so forth. She came right out and said that it was obvious bull and that fighters should avoid these types of people. If you know Shannon Knapp even a little bit, you know that she keeps to her word and is a pleasure to deal with, so hearing about female fighters being blackballed and so forth is just not something that is in her wheelhouse.

The name of that manager has been omitted, obviously, until now, as Tara LaRosa has pulled the veil back and shown that manager Brett Atchley is indeed the culprit involved here. He has been making claims about being close with Knapp and Invicta, having the ability to get female fighters into the promotion as well as having the ability to bar them from the promotion.

You can read her statement here, where she details just the kind of misconduct going on, as well as gives some personal details about Atchley and his past indiscretions  Ouch.