Falcao and Mena Kicked Out of Renovacao Fight Team After Gas Station Brawl

That video floating around of Maiquel Falcao and Kaue Mena involved with a brawl at a gas station in Brazil has been hitting the MMAsphere rather hard this week. The altercation began when Falcao smacked a female patron inside of the gas station while cutting her in line, which led to a few guys coming in and attacking Falcao, which led to a parking lot brawl that saw Falcao hit over the head with a giant board and Mena down on the ground and given some of the nastiest PRIDE-era soccer kicks imaginable that put him in critical condition.

Well, Renovacao Fight Team has responded to having two of its fighters involved in such an altercation by removing them from the Fight Team after what was a massive goof up on both guys’ part. Here is the full report, relayed by Fighters Only.

RFT leader Marcelo Brigadeiro released a statement saying that while blame attached to multiple parties in the brawl, including the “over reaction” of the woman’s companions, the main culpability rests with Falcao and Mena.

“The attitude of these two athletes did not reflect the behavior of our entire team. We are known for being one of the most successful teams in the world but also for being a true family of athletes and good men. Suitable character and exemplary behavior is expected of true martial artists,” he wrote.

“The attitudes displayed by Maiquel Falcao and Kaue Mena were not consistent with what is preached and practiced by me to my students, not what is expected by our sponsors and business partners.

“As professionals and martial artists we should not and can not be associated with nightlife – the fights and confusion and alcohol consumption. We have a duty to set an example for society and especially for children who have us as heroes.

“Anyone who knows me knows the immense love I feel for my work and my students, I treat them like my children, including Falcao and Mena. However, as a teacher or “father,” as I call it, I do not and I can not close my eyes forward to the failures of my boys.

“Due to all this, it is with a broken heart and a great sadness that I state officially that Maiquel Falcao and Kaue Mena are no longer part of the team Fight Company / RFT.

“Finally, I hope that this tragedy will serve as a lesson to us all. May we realize how much a simple and unfortunate action can negatively and permanently affect our lives.

“Those who are starting in our profession understand that by choosing to be an athlete they are making not a career choice but choosing a philosophy of life that implies abdication, discipline and obedience.”