Fabricio Werdum Just Forced Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to Tap Out

Some fighters are the stuff that legends are made of while others can only aspire to that. In the case of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira he is absolutely a legend. Throughout his illustrious career he had only been beaten by a submission hold a grand total of once, via technical submission to Frank Mir, which meant that he broke his arm and refused to tap, forcing the ref to stop the fight.

This time around he put up a great fight against Fabricio Werdum before Werdum just got the better of him on the ground, getting his back and swinging over into an armbar. Big Nog, knowing what it’s like to lose time due to not tapping, verbally submitted, stopping the fight in what is only his second submission loss over a crazy, awesome career.

GIF credit to ZombieProphet.