Eyeing a Super Bowl ring, Chandler Jones still says his brother Jon is the most succesful in the family

With arguably the greatest UFC champion in history sharing your blood, it would be hard to top. However, Arthur Jones already has a Super Bowl ring as a member of the Baltimore Ravens, and Chandler Jones, star defensive end for the Patriots, is 2 games away from one of his own.

Still, they consider Jon the most successful of them all (per Yahoo):

“Jon is the most successful in the family,” Chandler said. “He’s the champion of the world individually by himself, so I don’t think there is much I can do.

“We are always competing though,” he continued. “We are very competitive and maybe we’ll see.”

Jones was still smiling at the thought. He didn’t mind the possibility of the question because there are two sides to this, two sides to everything the Jones family does.

“Being very sheltered as children, we weren’t allowed to have sleepovers, weren’t allowed to do anything like go out to parties or anything like that,” Arthur III said last year. “Sports were pretty much all we knew. We were ingrained into sports, and that helped us stay focused and maintain our focus on what’s in front of us.”