Even Bellator Doesn’t Want Rousimar Palhares

Man, it really sucks to be Paul Harris right now, doesn’t it? He went from having a comfortable contract with the UFC, the premier MMA organization in the world, to not having a job, being suspended in Brazil and it appears that no one else wants him. I mean, Jon Fitch wouldn’t fight him in WSOF, which means Paul Harris has probably hit bottom already, and it came out last night that Bellator doesn’t want to sign him either.

Hell, it came from TMZ that Bellator didn’t want Palhares. Think about that. His career is as good as dead if a big outlet like TMZ is publishing stuff about him.

“Risks already exist for the courageous, world class fighters who enter the Bellator cage; without adding further unnecessary risks into the mix.

“Fighter safety is paramount to me and my team.”

Hey, Bjorn, man, I’m not usually this guy, but it is your team and you, not you and your team.