Erick Silva Makes Statement Post-Matt Brown Fight

Erick Silva doesn’t have much to be ashamed about after his fight with Matt Brown on Saturday night, but he did get knocked out and it has to be an awful feeling to happen on such a big stage. He has released a statement to fans via his twitter account (in Portuguese, of course) showing that he’s hungry to get back in the ring and fight, while apologizing for letting his fans down. It’s a good glimpse into what goes through the mind of a fighter after a loss, especially in a fight where Erick Silva had a clear upperhand with the body kicks early on against Brown, before losing it. Tough night for Erick Silva, but he’s young and can learn from it. [source]

At first, I would like to thank the people that supported me and stopped by to watch the fight, I know that I let them down. I have no excuses, I know that I’m behind these tough guys but I will always accept fighting regardless of the opponent or my possible win or loss. I know that many will criticize but I’ll not give up and I’ll be back soon. Thank you all.