Erick Silva Just Tapped out Jason High in About a Minute

Erick Silva vs. Jason High was definitely one of the fights on this card that I was looking forward to, as Jason High cut his teeth in Japan and Strikeforce before making his way to the UFC and Erick Silva has a very bright future ahead of him, what with his model good looks and his skills and all. This fight absolutely delivered as Jason High started off by keeping Silva at a distance with a few high kicks.

When High went to take it to the ground Silva executed what was a pretty sweet looking sprawl, then transitioned to take High’s back while High was fighting it. This led to Silva’s leg around High’s neck and him having High in a triangle position, pulling for an armbar. It was Jason High’s first defeat via submission in twenty fights. Erick Silva really is for real.

GIF via ZombieProphet

Silva vs. High