Ed Soares Still Believes that Anderson Silva is Superman

Oh Anderson Silva, what one loss will do to that unbeatable aura that you had around him. Imagine, just a matter of months ago everyone was thinking about Anderson Silva retiring with the UFC Middleweight Championship still in his possession, but now due to him goofing off against Chris Weidman history has been forever changed. That doesn’t change longtime manager Ed Soares’ opinion of Anderson Silva, though. Not one bit.

To him, Anderson Silva is still a superman and would probably defeat Jon Jones if that fight ever happened.

“I believe Anderson is the best fighter on the planet, period,’ says Soares. “Any weight class. I believe he has a bigger danger to any fighter he faces than any fighter has towards him. Can he be beat? Of course he can be beat. Anybody can be beat, but you put him against any fighter in any weight class and I think he has a better chance of beating them than they do beating him.”

As for the ill-fated superfight with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Soares still believes his man has what it takes to be the first man to put down ‘Bones.’

“I think he’ll beat him. I do think Anderson can beat Jon Jones. Not taking anything away from Jon Jones. Incredible athlete, but he doesn’t have the experience and I think a well-trained Anderson Silva would beat Jon Jones.”