Ed Soares: Anderson Silva Superfights Still on the Table

It’s been years now that we’ve been hearing about Anderson Silva superfights in the UFC. Of course, none of these “super fights” ever materialized within the UFC, even if they were heavily discussed. Anderson Silva falling to Chris Weidman at UFC 162 just put what felt like a final stamp on the situation and that we’d never see those superfights.

Well, Ed Soares believes that these superfights are still on the table and just rely on Anderson defeating Chris Weidman in a rematch, which he of course believes Anderson can do.

“I think the superfights are still on the table. I think right now the superfights are in the future, but right now what should be on everyone’s mind should be the rematch with Chris Weidman.

“If he comes back and beats Chris Weidman,” Soares said, “I don’t see the reason why the superfights can’t happen.

“It’s true,” the manager said. “I mean, it could happen. Anything can happen.”