EA UFC is not coming out until mid 2014. Wait, What?

More specifically, EA will not release the UFC game until after March 31st, 2014 according to EA’s conference call. Seeing how EA acquired the UFC license from THQ back in June of 2012, and they had their version of EA MMA, I hope we don’t get some Frankenstein of a game between the two.

I never played the EA MMA one but the THQ one was serviceable from the fighting side of it. Online versus another person, training, and putting the stupid sponsors on the shorts needed some improvement. I’m holding out hope that EA is taking their time and will put out a decent game that is not going to make me throw my controller into the wall because it’s so fucking complicated (see EA NHL 13).

I guess I will just bum rush my dog with a running knee at the start of the every round while I wait…

Source: Joystiq

By: Matt Griffith