The EA UFC Cover Vote Comes Down to Two Men: GSP and Gustafsson

The anticipation for EA UFC continues to grow as the next generation consoles that the game will run on are now officially released to the public. So with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the market all that we have left to lead into EA UFC (other than it getting a release date, obviously) is to pick who will grace the cover with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

There have been votes for a few weeks now and we have come to the inevitable end and the choice is quite an interesting one. So who will be on the cover of EA UFC? The vote is down to Georges St-Pierre and Alexander Gustafsson.

In a way it feels like the internet is trolling Jon Jones by voting Gustafsson this far, but it would really be funny if it came down to Alexander Gustafsson sharing the cover with Jon Jones, especially with Jon Jones not feeling up to giving Gustafsson that rematch he deserves. So head to and have your voice heard.