EA Promises a More Human Experience With EA UFC For Xbox One

The Xbox One reveal event was this afternoon in Redmond, put on by Microsoft to announce their upcoming Xbox console, the Xbox One. Sure, it is technically the third Xbox, but who is counting anyway, right? Just like we were promised by EA, EA Sports were on display during the presentation, with one game in particular that might tickle your fancy; EA UFC.

Video was shown of Jon Jones and Anthony Pettis talking about what it is to be a fighter, a wire mesh arena with a fighter walking in was shown and then in the main EA Sports promo video for the Xbox One they showed footage of Anthony Pettis’s in game version of himself walking the wall of the cage and landing his patented Showtime Kick on Benson Henderson. Sure, that was from WEC a few years ago, but who can complain?

There are some of us that believe that EA MMA was by far the superior game, so this can’t come soon enough, sorry UFC 3.