Duke Roufus Believes That Benson Henderson’s Striking Has Degraded

Benson Henderson will once again find himself defending a Lightweight title against Anthony Pettis this weekend at UFC 164, this time in a UFC ring where the stakes are even higher than they were before. Last time Anthony Pettis walked away with the victory, but Henderson has been on quite a run of late and the odds are in his favor going into this rematch. But if you ask Duke Roufus about Henderson, he’ll tell you that Henderson’s striking has gotten a lot worse.

“He’s actually gotten worse at striking in my humble opinion,” said the Milwaukee-based trainer. “He’s tried to experiment more. Experimentation, when you make fundamental mistakes, is not good.

“That’s actually what I do when I watch the [Donald] Cerrone fight, even the Joe Lauzon fight. Having done this so long, my thing is fundamentals. I try and attack their fundamentals and Anthony picks up on their making a mistake fundamentally. That’s where he capitalizes with the big finishes.”