Duane Ludwig Explains Team Alpha Male Departure

After helping to successfully turn Team Alpha Male into a force to be reckoned with in the UFC, Duane Ludwig’s surprise departure that was announced yesterday took the MMA world off guard. It was something that no one expected at the time, seeing as though Duane Ludwig worked so well with the Team Alpha Male guys and was seeing serious results. The explanation that he gives makes perfect sense, though; he wants to build something of his own for once.

This means that Duane Ludwig will take his family back to Colorado and open up his own gym. For now he’s not looking to build a Bang Ludwig team or anything, just open up a martial arts school and see where it takes him. It definitely sounds reasonable. [source]

I won’t be building a fight team, at least at first. It’s just going to be a traditional martial arts academy. Once we get that up and running, then I can maybe start doing some fighter work, but working with a fighter here and there doesn’t pay the bills.

Sacramento just wasn’t home. I had to get back to Colorado for my family. This move is all about taking care of my family and our future, and part of that is planting roots and slowing down my travel schedule so I can spend that quality time with my family. This trainer lifestyle isn’t so good for a family man. I need to establish a base of my own, so I can be there for my kids and be able to watch them grow.