Don’t Expect Anderson Silva to Return in 2014

Anderson Silva’s horrendous leg break at UFC 168 without a doubt changed Anderson Silva’s career forever. The projected recovery time given of six months to a year just didn’t seem right for such a horrible injury, especially considering the level that Anderson Silva competes at. Anderson Silva doesn’t need to just be back, he needs to be back to where he left off to make it worth while. So it should come as no surprise that Anderson Silva will not be back in 2014, so any hope you had of seeing him in the near future should be shelved for the time being. [source]

“These rumors that I’ll fight at UFC 181 or any other event around that date aren’t true,” Silva told Combate. “This year is over for me. There’s a chance I’ll fight in the first half of 2015.”

Whenever he returns to the cage, “The Spider” does not see himself fighting for the middleweight belt again.

“Anderson’s phase as the champion is over,” he said. “Fighting for (the title) is a little far away from me.”