Donald Cerrone vs. Edson Barboza Was CRAZY

We were all expecting Edson Barboza vs. Donald Cerrone to steal the show here at UFC on Fox, but my god, when it delivered it was still hard to believe. The fight started off fast and crazy, with Edson rushing at Cerrone and scoring with what looked to be better shots. In fact, many felt that the tide had turned against Donald Cerrone and that Edson Barboza would walk away victorious.

The finish came just as quick as the doubts began to arise in fans of Donald Cerrone, when he was able to land big on Barboza, then immediately taking his back and sinking in a rear naked choke. Cerrone was able to squeeze it into place and Barboza was forced to submit in the first round. Crazy finish, awesome fight.

GIF by ZProphet.